Slips, Trips, and Falls

The highlight of Louise’s week was driving to the local grocery store to do her shopping. Louise completed her weekly shopping every Tuesday at 9 A.M., like clockwork. Little did Louise know that this upcoming trip to the store would be her last trip by herself. Because of a slip and fall in the store, Louise broke her hip and is now in a rehab center, perhaps indefinitely.

Sarah worked at Bob’s Grocery for 15 years and worked her way up to a management position. Sarah loved not only the industry but her store as well. As Sarah drove to work on Thursday, she had no way of knowing that she would experience a slip and fall at work. Sarah was out of work for six weeks due to the seriousness of the injury.

Every working day, seven employees are hurt in work slips, trips, and falls on the same level, which are the second highest cause of workplace injuries. Twenty-two percent of these injuries result in over a month off work.

The average American visits a grocery store six times monthly or 332 times yearly. The average shopper spends 41 minutes on each shopping trip. The three most common causes of slips, trips, and falls are debris, liquid, and improperly placed floor mats.

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance paid out over $4.5 million in claims for slips, trips, and falls through 2023.

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance is partnering with New Pig to assist our members with a resolution for slips, trips, and falls. New Pig Grippy Mats are adhesive-backed mats that can be used in almost any grocery store or retail area. The New Pig Grippy Mat is simple to put into place and stays in place once installed.