General Liability Insurance for Your Business

In every market, for every size business, there is risk. Pharmacists Mutual steps in to help provide the dependable service and financial backing needed during some of our members’ most challenging times. We bridge a critical gap, providing commercial insurance coverage needed to help your business recover from disaster and litigation.

Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

No health professional ever wants to be the subject of a claim, but accidents do happen. Considering the costs of defending a claim can end up as expensive as a judgment or settlement, a single incident could stress the finances and future of any practice.

As a business owner, you are not only responsible for your own actions but those of your employees when they are working within the scope of employment.  Claims can be targeted at the business, the individual employee(s) or both, therefore it is important to have a policy that responds when needed.

For more information on products and coverage, contact your local field agent.