Professional Liability Insurance for Pharmacists

Pharmacist professional liability insurance is coverage designed to protect pharmacists when a patient claims an actual or alleged error or omission within the scope of your practice. 

No pharmacist acts with the intent to harm patients. However, the busy and fast-paced environment of pharmacy working conditions, coupled with the massive volume of prescriptions, opens the door to mistakes and errors. Additionally, the evolving nature of pharmacy practice puts pharmacists in new roles that carry new considerations. For these reasons, no pharmacist should risk practicing without adequate pharmacist liability insurance.


Pharmacists Professional Liability
$1MM / $3MM
$2MM / $4MM
$1MM / $3MM
Sterile Compounding
Pharmacists License Defense Coverage
$250,000 limit
$25,000 limit
Board of Pharmacy Imposed Costs*
$2,500 sublimit
HIPAA Claim Defense Coverage
Assault Coverage
Sexual and Physical Abuse Coverage
$25,000 sublimit
Loss of Income
$1,500 per day / $50,000 per occurrence
$1,000 per day / $25,000 aggregate
Legal fees – Respond to Subpoena
$50,000 limit
$10,000 aggregate

*Costs do not include fines or penalties.
Policy terms and conditions control.
Coverage may not be available in all states and territories.

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