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    What if you provide COVID-19 testing or immunizations?

    What if you were named individually in a lawsuit?

    What if you have a second job, volunteer or give advice to a friend or neighbor?

    Who We Cover

    • Employed pharmacists

    • Hospital pharmacists

    • Community pharmacists

    • Clinical pharmacists

    • Long-term care pharmacists

    • Nuclear pharmacists

    • Consultant pharmacists

    • Self-employed pharmacists

    • Volunteer pharmacists

    • Retired pharmacists

    • Pharmacy instructors

    • Student pharmacists

    What We Cover

    Limits of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate

    (higher limits may be available)

    • Coverage Options:

      » Exclude Sterile Compounding
      » Include Sterile Compounding
      » Advanced Pharmacist License

    • Immunizations and Other Drug Administration

    • COVID-19 Testing and Immunizations

    • Drug Regimen Reviews and Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

    • Drug or Drug-Related Research

    • Medication Consultation

    • Drug and Device Storage

    • Participation in Drug and Device Selection

    • Loss of Earnings

      $1,500 per day, up to $50,000 limit

    • Pharmacist License Defense

      $250,000 limit

    • Board of Pharmacy Imposed Costs*

      $2,500 limit

    • HIPAA Claim Defense

      $50,000 limit

    • Assault

       $25,000 limit

    • Sexual or Physical Abuse Liability

      $50,000 limit (higher limits may be available)


    Pharmacists Professional Liability
    $1MM / $3MM
    $2MM / $4MM
    $1MM / $3MM
    Sterile Compounding
    Pharmacists License Defense Coverage
    $250,000 limit
    $25,000 limit
    Board of Pharmacy Imposed Costs*
    $2,500 sublimit
    HIPAA Claim Defense Coverage
    Assault Coverage
    Sexual and Physical Abuse Coverage
    $25,000 sublimit
    Loss of Income
    $1,500 per day / $50,000 per occurrence
    $1,000 per day / $25,000 aggregate
    Legal fees – Respond to Subpoena
    $50,000 limit
    $10,000 aggregate

    *Costs do not include fines or penalties.
    Policy terms and conditions control.
    Coverage may not be available in all states and territories.

    For more information on products and coverage, contact your local field agent. 

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    All products may not be available in all states and territories.