Smartphone Apps for the Pharmacist

Looking for smart phone apps for Pharmacists? Type “smart phone apps for the pharmacist” in a Google search and you’ll get about 92,000,000 hits. We found it pretty easy to search through and find something for just about every aspect of pharmacy. Everything from drug guides to symptom checkers, apps about vacinations and even popular publications.We contacted two organizations that offered apps that might be of interest if you love animals or are concerned about encountering an armed criminal.

If you are interested in veterinary medicine,  Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs offers a drug resource app that allows you to  quickly access up-to-date drug information—without the Internet. This new app puts the power of Plumb’s at your fingertips, so you have immediate access to drug dosage information, drug interactions, adverse effects, notes and favorites, and a robust search functionality to make finding what you need—easier and faster. Visit!/academic. This app is being offered free to pharmacy students.

Despite the CDC’s declaration of a Prescription Drug Epidemic in 2010, pharmacy crime has not disappeared. Decisions you make if confronted by an armed can mean the difference between life and death.

Carta offers a Robbery Training app available for IPhone and Android for $2.99. The app provides insight into the mindset of the robber, steps to take before, during and after a robbery, and includes exercises to develop observation skills.  – For more information on Push Interactions, visit