Homeowner H”app”iness

To say we have busy lives is an understatement.  Most of us could use more time in our day.  We have many things to do and keep track of.  Caring for our families and homes are responsibilities most of us take pride in.  From major home improvement projects to painting a wall, a little help can go a long way.  With numerous items to maintain in a home, a reminder to change the furnace filter on schedule or change the smoke detector batteries would be great.

Were you aware your smart phone can assist you to inventory your home?  This can help you have adequate contents coverage on your homeowner policy?  There happens to be an app for this and many other tools to benefit homeowners and help mitigate risk to you and your family. Below you will find some apps to give a busy homeowner peace of mind; some at no cost, and some with a fee.

Know Your Stuff – Free – From the Insurance Institute Inc.  This app helps you inventory contents in your home so you can make appropriate coverage decisions.

Sortly – Free – Moving and Organizing.  Helps you organize everything in your home so you can find it easily.  Sortly has a handy moving checklist, a home inventory option, and can track collectibles.  Sortly can even inventory items for your small business. You can make labels with QR codes to keep your things sorted.

Bright Nest – Free – Helps you tackle home tasks with instructions, gives you a schedule and reminders for basic maintenance, cleaning and home décor ideas.

Upkeep – Free – Tracks things you do and reminds you when to do them again.  Reminders can be set for items such as replacing the air filter, testing smoke detectors, when to get the oil changed on your vehicle or your next dental appointment. This app also has video tips for some tasks.

The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius – Free (Full version is $4.99) – Tips on everything from cleaning to how to choose and apply paint in your home.

Color Snap or Color Capture – Free – Both apps are free, and are sponsored by different paint manufacturers.  Helps you choose a paint color to choose for touch ups, or to compliment an existing color.

At Home Camera – Free – This app reportedly allows you to turn your old smart phone into a surveillance camera.

You may find there are many apps available to do the same things as the apps mentioned.  If your app store does not have these specific apps, try searching by topic. Make the most of your smart phone, to give yourself a little peace of mind in the chaos we call life.

— Jen Aultman, CPhT, Risk Management Consultant