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It's your career.

You can't afford to be wrong

24/7 dentist professional liability coverage lets you focus on patients, not potential mistakes.

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    What if you were accused of failing to diagnose cancer?

    What if you were accused of failing to prescribe antibiotics for an infection, and the patient required heart valve replacement surgery?

    What if you caused your patient a lingual nerve injury?

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    Who We Cover

    • General Dentist

    • Student Dentist

    • Retired Dentist

    • Locum Tenens

    • Nurse Anesthetist

    • Dental Assistant

    • Dental Hygienist

    • Orthodontist

    • Pediatric Dentist

    • Periodontist

    • Prosthodontist

    • Endodontist


    Limits of $500,000 per occurrence and $1,500,000 aggregate (optional higher limits of coverage available)

    • Sexual Misconduct or Physical Abuse Defense

      $500,000 or $1,000,000 each insured

    • Defense Costs

      in addition to coverage limits. Claims will not be settled without your consent, unless otherwise authorized

    • Medical Expenses

      $5,000 each patient and $10,000 each insured

    • Administrative Disciplinary Actions (legal expense)

      $50,000 each insured

    • HIPAA Claim (legal expense)

      $50,000 each insured

    • Lost Earnings

      for assisting in defense of claim at our request - $500 per day, $20,000 maximum


    • Extended Reporting Period (Claims-Made only)

      Report a claim after coverage is cancelled or non-renewed, or due to the death, disability, or retirement of an insured dentist

    • Medical Waste Defense Expense Reimbursement

      $25,000 limit

    • Medicare / Medicaid Billing Fraud Defense Expense Reimbursement

      $25,000 limit

    • Prior Acts

      Converts an existing claims-made policy to an occurrence policy


    • Claims-Made or Occurrence Policy form available

    • Multiple dentists within one practice may be insured together and maintain separate or shared policy limits

    • Dental entity may also be included in coverage

    Policy terms and conditions control.
    Coverage may not be available in all states and territories.